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It performs consulting services, planning and coaching for all players who want to, independently, activate tourist transport services, aimed at the creation of circuit sightseeing tours, carried out mainly by vehicle type single or double-decker bus discovered, minibuses, light vehicles or special road trains.


Sightseeing Consultancy

Consultancy Service for Analysis, Design Services, Business Plan Definition
Study of regional and municipal laws, to implement the feasibility plan and the request for of the operating the line of tourist transport.
Any support in the meetings with the offices of mobility, tourism, commerce, municipal and regional.
Analysis of tourist flows, of the cultural features, tourist resources and accommodation, of the local mobility system and interconnection with other infrastructure systems, and the possible barriers to the circulation of vehicles.
Needs analysis in terms of minimum number of vehicles, driving personnel, assistants board, commercial, plant costs, management costs.
Definition of the business plan and identification of breakeven.

Project Consultancy Services
Study and definition of tourist routes, with the objective to integrate and enhance the best, the tourist and cultural attractions of the city.
Assessment of the problems related to traffic (clearance for wires, trees, overpasses, etc..), definition of the position of the busess stops.
Technical check of the route and study of possible changes.
Definition of the operational program for start-ups, and definitive a fully operational, with a detection timetable, period (seasonal / annual), etc.

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Selection and training of staff
Staff recruitment - Defining the profile of research and selection for personal driving, hostess / steward, sales staff. Assistance in the selection process.

Staff training - Design of training program, training of staff for the proper functioning of the service, both technically and operationally (shift work, rights and duties, etc..). Classroom training and simulation on the bus. Duration of trainig from 3 to 5 days.d definitive a fully operational, with a detection timetable, period (seasonal / annual), etc..


Advice for the implementation and realization of the Digital Audio Commentary
As a separate product but strategic for the sightseeing tour, EuropeGoGreen LLP can provide the complete comment tourist translation, native speaker, scanning, and adaptation to the system hardware chosen.

Writing and Production

Definition of the characteristics of the content.
Research and acquisition of content, choice of subjects, to verify information with direct visits to the sites and attractions mentioned.
Writing text based and chunking.
Synchronization of the text with respect to the path.

Tour Simulation to check the real operating conditions, the test phase.
Rereading and / or partial rewrite of parts of the text.
Delivery of the completed text only tested and approved by the technical specifications for the audio system installed (in the case of production and mastering by the customer).

Production of Digital Commentary Multilanguage

EuropeGoGreenLLP can realize the complete Commentary in all the languages ​​chosen by the customer.
The digitization includes:
  - Translation,
  - Voiceover,
  - Digitization,
  - Burning,
  - Delivery in the format required by the system.

This activity requires a separate quotation be prepared after the writing of the text.
This is because all of the activities listed are based on the length of the text, and then of the time needed for the payment of professional speakers, the rental of the recording room and room technicians and post-production.


Visiting the links at the side you can test the content of some commentaries made ​​by Europe Go Green

Audio Commentary Example
English version

Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4

Audio Commentary Example
Italian version

Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4