Europe Go Green LLP is specialized in the supply of electrical vehicles to Urban Public Transport, Urban Freight Transport, local delivery, Schoolbus and for many other uses.

Sustainable electric mobility has as main objective to reduce the impact of vehicles on the planet.
This goal can be achieved only if, along with the spread of 100% electric vehicles, it realizes a new concept of service infrastructure intended for charging and maintenance of vehicles.

A electrifying range - electric vehicles for every need.


The range of Europe Go Green’s products has been designed to meet the real needs of the end customer, with the aim of integrating electrical mobility in market targets that are not ready for a radical and total transformation of the existing fleet.
In particular, Europe Go Green proposes different solutions to the various problems analyzed and mainly attributable to two specific areas: the private and public mobility of people and goods logistics


The energy storage system (and consequently the autonomy for each recharge) can be sized according to the mission profile and the characteristics of the service; in the definition of the most appropriate solution, the possibility of partial recharging must be considered when the type of mission allows it (strategy of use that has no negative consequences on this type of batteries).


All vehicle functionalities are governed by a hardware and software system that includes, in addition to the possibility of controlling the various functions and information: - the connection on CAN line with the other subsystems of the vehicle; - management via modem and telephone card of remote vehicle control and critical system information; - a flash memory for data accumulation in case of lack of data line; - a GPS module for locating and tracking the vehicle